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Commercial Generator Installation

Installing a generator is a smart way of ensuring automatic standby power protection. Generators will guarantee emergency power for critical systems in case there’s a power failure. A reliable generator installation company should be able to offer you designing, building, and installation services. We do exactly that. 

At Cannondale Generators, we are a reputable commercial generator installation company. Our business is to protect your business. We understand that power interruptions can affect your revenue. That is why we make sure that you keep your business up and running even during unexpected power outages that could put your data and security at risk. With our help, your business will remain powered up no matter the situation.

Why Should You Install a Commercial Generator?

A business owner has to be responsible for everything that happens in their investment. A backup generator is one of the most important things to have in a business. Here’s why you should have one for your business:

  • To avoid business disruption. Without a generator, your business would be impaired if the power went out. Restoring power might take quite some time. A generator ensures that your business still operates normally even when power issues emerge.
  • To prevent the loss of money. Most businesses have gone digital such that they rely on computer systems to make transactions. Such businesses depend on power to make money, and a generator would be an ideal backup plan.

How Do Generators Produce Electricity?

Generators do not produce energy. Instead, they convert chemical or mechanical energy into electrical energy. A generator captures the power of motion and turns it into electrical energy. Basically, a generator is a reverse working electrical motor.

Some generators are huge and provide a large amount of energy by converting water turbines’ power into electrical energy.  However, residential and commercial generators are small and rely on fuel sources such as gas, propane, or diesel to create mechanical power that’s forced into a circuit to induce an electrical current.

Things to Consider When Buying an Automatic Commercial Generator

You have decided that you need to purchase a generator for your business protection. There is more to put into consideration than just brand preference and price. It’s essential that you have the following in mind if you are considering purchasing a generator for your business:

  • Your Power Requirements

Your power needs will determine the size of the generator that you need to install in your business. Your generator has to be big enough for it to provide power to an entire building during a power outage. A smaller generator will only work for emergency loads.

  • The Fuel Type

Most generators use natural gas, diesel, and propane for fuel. As a business person, you should cut on expenses as much as you can. Therefore, ensure you choose a generator that is fuel-economical. Also, consider the availability of the fuel source.

Generator Installation Services

Let us help you install reliable and lasting standby generators that will provide your business with power 24/7. At Cannondale Generators, we are a commercial generator installation company known best for our competitive rates and superior quality products and services. Call 203-762-2608 to discuss your needs.

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Commercial Generator Installation